Incorporating in WY

Do you wish to form a Wyoming corporation? Aside from the small filing fee, incorporating in Wyo grants companies with unparalleled privacy of assets and other benefits. In actual fact, the filing fee for incorporation amounts to $125, which is far more reasonable that most states. Other benefits of owning such a corporation is the absence of income tax.

However, you should understand that not all companies are eligible to take advantage of incorporation in Wyoming, thus it is very important to check their requirements. In addition, you can procure every benefit utilized by big corporations at reasonable fees, which is one of the advantages of tax savings by choosing a Wyoming ra llc here service to handle your needs.


The state of Wyoming has stipulated specific requirements for incorporation, chiefly a residency test. The steps on how to incorporate in Wyoming can only be accomplished with the following requirements being met:

  • A compliant formed corporation or LLC in Wyoming;
  • An office in Wyoming (maybe owned or leased) in a physical location with mailing address;
  • Company staff working in the State of Wyoming
  • Bank account in Wyoming
  • Phone number in Wyoming
  • Wyoming Business Registration
  • Maintaining business records, filings, and accountability.

If you are not a Resident in Wyoming, note that you can still do Wyoming incorporating provided that you register your business in your home state as well. While this may let pay for additional filing fees, if you look forward in taking advantage of complete privacy, this process is truly worth it. Don’t forget all of this is necessary because of the required nexus that is mandated of all corporations, not just LLCs.


The advantages of Wyoming incorporation are simply amazing! These benefits are furnished to current and new businesses that go for incorporation in Wyoming and they take advantage of many things, which are not available anywhere else. One is that there is no taxation on the shares of stock managed by non-residents and there is also no inheritance tax on non-resident holders. Corporate income tax is also eliminated in the equation. All in all, there is no franchise tax, no taxes on corporate shares, no IRS information sharing agreement, and no personal income tax in Wyoming.

The corporate statutes of WY began with those of Delaware and had gone further, setting up a corporate entity that permits owners and investors of Wyoming corporations to keep off the public record – a benefit that is distinct throughout the United States and even the whole world. For the reason that the Wyo corporation statutes took effect in 1991, the volume of new incorporations in Wyoming skyrocketed. The bullet-proof security intrinsic in Wyoming corporations became stronger, making it not viable both for litigants and creditors to see your hard-earned assets.

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While there are many states that necessitate companies to have not less than $1,000 capital, incorporation in the State of Wyoming can be organized with little capital. One person can act as the president, secretary and treasurer of the company. He can also work as the sole director, this is more convenient when compared to the requirements of other states asking for at least 3 directors and/or officers in a company.

Incorporating in WY comes with the advantage of no reciprocity with the Internal Revenue Service. In actual fact, it is the only state that does not give and share information with the IRS. Thus, your company is less likely to be audited. This reduced risk of an audit is a highly sought after attribute which is unique across the USA.