How to Incorporate in WY

There are many advantages associated to Wyoming incorporation, and those benefits are adequate to get you wanting to learn how to incorporate in Wyoming and choose a ra for your llc. However, it’s crucial that you allot sufficient amount of time initially to familiarize yourself with the laws and policies concerning this process so your business can fully take advantage of it.

The Basics

In Wyoming, the procedure of incorporation trails the same basic incorporation process of other states in the United States. To begin the process, you should first determine if your preferred business name is still available. You can find out if the supposed name of your business can be used by completely filling out a name reservation form and paying a filing fee amounting to $25.00. To conveniently do this step, you can access it online via the Wyoming Secretary of State website.

Incorporating in Wyoming has become an alluring option for savvy business owners, and this comes with pretty good reasons. The corporations in Wyoming get gratification from the many benefits, which are not available from other states. This article will not only discuss the Wyoming corporations’ benefits, but will also let you become aware of the steps on how to incorporate in Wyoming, and how you can stay away from the most frequent first-time incorporation mistakes.

Benefits of Wyoming Corporations

The entrepreneurs take pleasure from the following advantages of having their companies incorporated in Wyoming:

  • Favorable Taxation Set Up – In Wyoming, there are no private, corporate, corporate shares, capital, or even equity transfer taxes. There are also no franchise taxes.
  • Corporate Meetings – Meetings concerning the company can be done anywhere and not required to be conducted in the State.
  • Residency of Directors and Officers – The directors and officers of the corporation do not need to be U.S. citizens or residents of the state.
  • Reporting and Disclosure Concerns – It is not necessary to submit annual report of stockholder meetings in Wyoming. The reports needed are those that list the present directors and officers of the enterprise.
  • Shareholders – The directors of the corporation or LLC in Wyoming do not need to be shareholders of the company and can only be nominees. In addition, the bearer shares are allowed.
  • Corporate Records – The Wyoming statutes stipulate that the shareholders are not public records. In actual fact, they have specific sanctions that will be applied against the use of Wyoming corporate records by people or entity outside the corporation in a way that is detrimental to the interest of the shareholder. There is also no Internal Revenue sharing agreement in Wyoming.
  • Own Stock – Corporations in Wyoming can actually purchase, sell, hold and even transfer shares of their own company stock, while companies can be structured with the sole purpose of protecting their assets.

The above are just some of the most popular advantages of getting your company incorporated in Wyoming.

State Requirements

The steps on how to incorporate in Wyoming will allow your company to capitalize on its financial advantages if your business meets the State Requirements to include:

  • An actual business address in Wyoming
  • Company credit card statements (cancelled checks will do)
  • Company phone number
  • Business license
  • A brokerage or bank account in Wyoming
  • You can seek assistance from incorporation services in Wyoming to get this process done expediently.