What is csc.exe and should I delete it?

If you’ve ever seen csc.exe running on your computer and wondered what it is, you’re not alone. This process is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework, and is used to compile C# programs. However, some malware programs masquerade as csc.exe to try and trick you into deleting a critical system file. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about csc.exe and whether or not you should delete it.

What is csc.exe and should I delete it?

What is cscexe?

Csc.exe is a process that is responsible for compiling source code written in C# into applications. This process is typically used when developers are working on new features or fixing bugs in their applications. While csc.exe is not a critical Windows process, it can consume a lot of CPU and memory resources if it is constantly running. If you find that csc.exe is using a lot of resources on your system, you may want to consider terminating the process.

What does cscexe do?

Csc.exe is a Microsoft C# compiler. It compiles C# source code into executables or assemblies.

Microsoft recommends that you leave csc.exe on your computer because it’s a required component of the .NET Framework. If you delete csc.exe, you’ll need to reinstall the .NET Framework to get it back.

So, to answer your question, no, you shouldn’t delete csc.exe from your computer.

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Should I delete cscexe?

No, you should not delete csc.exe. This is a Microsoft Visual C# Compiler used to compile C# code.

How to delete cscexe

If you’re not entirely sure what csc.exe is or whether you should delete it, we recommend doing some research first. However, if you decide that you do want to delete csc.exe, here’s how to do it:

1. Right-click on the csc.exe file and select “Delete.”

2. Confirm that you want to delete the file by clicking “Yes.”

3. Once the file has been deleted, restart your computer.

What are the consequences of deleting cscexe?

If you delete cscexe, you will no longer have access to the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, which is required by many programs. Additionally, any programs that were written in Visual C++ will no longer work.

How to prevent cscexe from being installed

Csc.exe is a process that is installed on your computer when you install the Microsoft .NET Framework. This process is responsible for compiling your .NET code into machine code that can be executed by your computer. While csc.exe is a necessary part of the .NET Framework, it can be a potential security risk if it is not kept up to date.

To prevent csc.exe from being installed on your computer, you can keep your .NET Framework up to date. Microsoft releases updates to the .NET Framework on a regular basis, and these updates typically include security fixes. By keeping your .NET Framework up to date, you can help to prevent csc.exe from being exploited by malware.

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In addition to keeping your .NET Framework up to date, you can also help to secure your computer by running antivirus and anti-malware software. These programs can help to detect and remove malware that may try to exploit csc.exe.


Csc.exe is a Microsoft C# compiler. It is a safe file and should not be deleted.

What is csc.exe and should I delete it?

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